Overview of INE

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The Shanghai International Energy Exchange Corporation, or INE, is a global exchange that operates regulated derivative marketplaces in crude oil, natural gas and other petrochemical products and provides clearing, delivery, information distribution and technology services.

Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, INE is fully funded by the Shanghai Futures Exchange and the Shanghai Futures Information Technology Company. It was registered in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone on November 6th, 2013. As a self-regulated entity, INE discharges its duties pursuant to the Company Law and the Regulation on The Administration of Futures Trading.

In the principles of internationalization, market-orientation, institutionalization and specialization, INE will establish an international energy derivatives market platform in an open, fair and equitable manner to objectively reflect the energy supply-demand equilibrium of the Asian-Pacific region, make the regional energy market more effective in the global market system, provide instruments in price discovery, risk management and asset management for the oil industry and global participants and optimize the allocation of energy resources.

Website: http://www.ine.cn/English/index.html

Rulebook: http://www.ine.cn/English/laws_regulations_rule.html

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