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Organized under relevant rules and regulations, the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), or the Exchange, is a self-regulated entity that is under the uniform regulation by the China Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and performs functions as specified in its By-laws and the state laws and regulations. Currently there are 12 futures contracts available for trading on SHFE , including the futures on gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, steel rebar, steel wire rod, fuel oil, natural rubber, bitumen and hot rolled coil. Recently, the Exchange has launched the Continuous Trading Program, or night trading, for gold, silver and non-ferrous metals futures.

Guided by the Concept of Scientific Development, SHFE amplifies its efforts to implement the strategic decision by the State Council to push ahead with the opening-up, reform and steady development of capital market. Adhering to the guidelines that are generalized as "Foundation Solidification, Reform Deepening, Promotion of Opening-up, Function Outreach, Regulatory Enhancement and Facilitation of Development", the Exchange organizes trading activities strictly according to the laws and rules, and earnestly fulfills its functions as a front-line regulator, in a bid to create a safe, orderly and high efficient market mechanism as well as a market environment featuring openness, fairness, justice, integrity and transparency. On the long run, the Exchange’s goal is to develop itself into a regulated, efficient, transparent and all-inclusive internationalized futures exchange, while in the next five years, is to establish itself as the leading exchange in Asia-pacific time zone with significant global influences on commodity futures, option and other derivatives..

There are over 200 members now in the Exchange, among which about 80% are futures-firm members. And the exchange has already set up more than 250 distant trading terminals nationwide.

Website:  http://www.shfe.com.cn/en/

Rulebook:  Download

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