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COFCO services include Market Research, Clearing Service, Delivery Service.

1. Research
The Futures Research Institution is attached to COFCO Futures headquarters. It is responsible for business related research and development. Moreover, it is also engaged in high-end industrial and institutional clients’ maintenance and provides them with value-added services. Macro-economy and bulk commodities, including primary products, chemicals, metals, building materials, energy, etc. are all covered in its routine. Based on COFCO Group’s strong background in physical commodities and futures markets, the Futures Research Institution provides advices and reports of hedging, basis arbitrage, spread trading as well as other consulting services to our valued customers through fundamental and macro analysis. Despite of the elementary brokerage business, the Research Institution is more focused on providing specific and professional services.

2. Clearing Service
(1)High-efficiency Clearing and Customized Statement Services
Taking HUNDSUN as the main clearing system, COFCO Futures adopts multiple auxiliary clearing systems. We have always been trying our best to meet our clients’ individualized demands in terms of clearing and statement services, and we have always been exceeding our clients’ expectations.
Secured Data Backup
(2)We implement a rigorous management system to ensure the privacy and accuracy of clients’ clearing data, meanwhile we preserve clearing data by means of effective data isolation and real-time data backup.

3. Delivery Service
High-efficiency and Quality Delivery Services
With shareholders’ spot market background and advanced management mechanism, COFCO Futures has formed a highly efficient delivery service team. Coupled with years of physical delivery and EFP experience, we have built an experienced delivery service team to meet our clients’ delivery needs.



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