COFCO Futures Co.,Ltd. has two shareholders, COFCO Group and China Life. COFCO Group holds 65% of the total shares of capital and China Life holds 35% of the total shares of capital.

*The history of COFCO can be traced back as early as 1949, and it has developed itself into China’s largest agro-processing and trading company as well as the most competitive and diversified asset management company.*Since 1994, COFCO has been listed consecutively among Fortune 500 companies.

China Life Insurance and its subsidiaries constitute the largest commercial insurance group in Mainland China. It is the only state-owned insurance group with an asset exceeding 1 trillion RMB. It is also one of the largest institutional investors in China's capital market that has been listed on the Fortune 500 companies and the World Brand 500 for years.

Established in 1996, COFCO Futures has a registered capital of RMB 846 million, ranking the first among Chinese futures brokerage firms. Our mission is *to provide our clients with specialized, customized and strategized derivatives related services. Cofco Futures has full memberships of all the domestic futures exchanges located in Zhengzhou, Dalian, Shanghai. And is the only Full -clearing membership of China Financial Futures Exchange in Beijing.

We have established 13 branches in major cities of China:

COFCO Futures provide professional services to investors, including but not only:
*(1)Futures Brokerage Business
*Domestic Futures Brokerage Business: Futures clearing services including agriculture, industries, soft-commodities, chemicals and financial futures.
*Overseas Futures Brokerage Business: Selected by CSRC in 2011, we are one of the three futures companies to prepare for the pilot program for the overseas futures brokerage business. 
(2)Combined Spot and Futures Related Business
*Warehouse warrant service: we provide clients with warehouse warrant exchange, warehouse warrant sale and purchase, warehouse warrant buy-back and pledge.
*Hedging cooperation: we work with clients to establish hedging positions and help clients transfer market risk as they need.
*Basis trading: We provide guidance to clients in order for them to make profits and hedge their risk exposure.
*Pricing service: we provide clients with customized risk management products including forward, swap, options and related portfolio etc. to transfer part or all market risks of our clients.
*(3)Asset Management
Bearing yield stable, risk controllable and cost competitive in our mind, we adopt different strategies such as hedging, trend following, possibility trading, Index trading etc. to design and provide customized asset management products to meet individual and institutional clients’ asset management requirements. 
*(4)Investment Consulting
We provide specialized and customized investment consulting to our clients who need risk management, research and analysis, and investment plan or other CSRC permitted consulting services. Our consulting services include information and data services related to different futures markets, different industries and macro-economy of different countries.  


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